The *Official AndreasCY*: Pokki brings awesome Web apps to your dektop

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You have undoubtedly noticed that an ever-increasing amount of the time you spend using your computer is online. The same is true of your phone, and when you’re out and about it is quite usual to use dedicated apps to access services such as Facebook and Twitter. But when using a desktop or laptop, the vast majority of people will head straight to the website of various online services. Thanks to Pokki this may change. Pokki is a platform for a series of applications that can then be used to transform a range of websites and online services into desktop apps. The value of being able to access the Internet through the desktop rather than a browser is something that has been recognized in the past – even Microsoft noticed the potential early on with its Active Desktop component in older versions of Windows. Pokki is somewhat more advanced than this and other similar options that are available, offering you a series of specially designed apps, each of which have been built from the ground up with a particular web service in mind. The main app installs, interestingly, as a taskbar toolbar. From here you can access the Pokki version of the App Store, where you can download and install all manner of Pokki apps (or Pokkies as they are known). As you would expect, there are the familiar faces such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, but there are also apps for games, productivity tools and online media services such as Grooveshark. The breadth and range of app is impressive and the overall quality is high. The fact that Pokki apps are purpose – written really shows. These feel like much more than website conversions; they are dedicated apps that not only bring you a more accessible desktop version of many popular services but in some cases actually improve the service in question. It is important to remember that this is a program that is currently in beta, but it is already shaping up to be something impressive. Check it out now to find out what all the fuss is about. You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by visiting Pokki’s Official page. Check their interesting videos on :


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