Collect and Organize Any Kind of Content on an Infinite Visual Board with Spaaze

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Robin Good: Thanks to the guys behind Mind42 and who created a new kind of collection, gathering and curation space, that looks like at first, as an infinite cork board on which you can stick anything. 


“Each board is an infinite space which resembles a virtual cork board – hence the default cork background, but other backgrounds are available.


On these boards, items can be put.


Currently Spaaze offers 7 different items:

Labels Notes Bookmarks Images Files Videos and HTML.


These items can be edited in place, moved via drag and drop and positioned freely on the board.



To add some structure to the board it’s possible to “remember” certain points (around which items have been placed) by creating hotspots (e.g. one per topic of a bookmark collection).”


Spaaze is also a collaborative service, allowing board owners to invite others to collaborate and contribute to any specific board.


Spaaze works across all browsers (IE7+, FF4+, Safari4+, Chrome) and on the iPad too.


The basic service is free, but to use it without any kind of limitation it requires buying credit points or activating a very inexpensive ($3/mo) subscription.






More info: 


(Thanks to Heiko Idensen for discovering this)

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